Anabolic Steroid and Liver

It is a well-known fact that steroids can damage liver cells and upset enzyme levels. Bilirubin, which determines the excretion function of our liver, is a pigment that may vary with steroid use. This metabolite causes hepatitis, some biliary tract diseases, some liver diseases and jaundice.

As we have previously explained, anabolic steroids are strong chemicals derived from the testosterone skeleton and are given to patients in cases of serious illness or disability.

Based on studies, long-term steroid use has been associated with liver damage. We have also witnessed many athletes suffering from anemia, enlargement/shrinkage of the pituitary glands (the glands that secrete growth hormone) and kidney problems. So, what is the place of an organ like the liver which can regenerate itself perfectly and which we can call the conductor of the body, situated in the use of steroids?

I recommend that friends who use or have used steroids, especially those in the 17-aa group, pay special attention to this post. There has been a recent trend in the forums to focus on oral steroid cycles, so I thought I should provide some information... Many of us are growing, toning, bulking, defining, etc. thanks to the good effects of steroids... But remember that if you have a damaged liver, you won't have the growth you gained and you won't have dry muscle.

As I mentioned above, oral steroids are all the rage. I think the reason for this is partly due to the "legal" brands. Dianabol, Winstrol and Anapolon are drugs that have the legal license to be sold in pharmacies and in that attracts the users in the "wrong" way. I recommend, use and make people use these three drugs in the cycles I prepare, but I consider it a mistake to load these drugs alone and make them only as oral cycles.

Why are oral steroids so risky? Let's answer the question again. Steroids belonging to the 17 alpha-alkylated (17-aa) group are chemicalized in such a way that they pass through the liver and are enzymed. If we take a look at the well-known oral steroids (with different trade names they have been marketed): Superdrone, Superdrol, Beastdrol, M-Drol, Dimethazine, Dieselbolan, Turinabol, Halodrol, Helladrol, H-Drol, Epistane, Epi-Strong, Havoc, M-14 E, M1, 4AD, M14-E, Dermacrine, Methyl 1-D, Androsterone, Anadrol, Stanol, Methyl Masterdrol, Methandrostonolone All of the above-mentioned steroids utilize the liver-gastrointestinal triad to excrete enzymes and release the most toxins into the liver. In my experience, I can claim that Superdrone and Dimethazine are the top two most toxic drugs. These two drugs, called "di-methyhlated", have two methyl groups in contrast to their counterparts (17-aa's have only one methyl group, except for these two). I also daresay they have much more toxic effects than Anapolon, Danabol and Winstrol.

So, why are 17-aa steroids so effective? Briefly summarized, this group inhibits the liver's ability to empty itself, to excrete, to release feces. This leads to excessive consumption and loss of bile in the liver. Bile is regarded as the best cleanser of the liver. Our bile allows the liver to cleanse itself by directing the toxins that rush to the liver to our intestines. Limiting this property of bile means that the liver cannot cleanse its own toxins. When the liver is unable to cleanse itself of toxins, it will begin to spread these toxins throughout the body. This is called "colastatis". Simply put, it means that the flow of bile through the liver is no longer occurring.

If the liver stays in this state of "cholastasis" for too long, it can cause serious damage to the cells. Necrosis (shedding of tissue, death of liver cells) is also a sign that too many toxins will take up residence in the liver. I can safely say that this will lead to cirrhosis (the development of a wound in a fibrous tissue gland). At this point, it can be assumed that the liver, which regenerates itself perfectly, loses many of its functions and no longer has healthy cells. Colastatis is a reversible condition (from bad to better) and does not have that level of lethality. However, it should be remembered that you may have problems that will not kill you, but will haunt you for some time, and these problems may need to be constantly stabilized with drugs. These are problems that the unmedicated body can relapse at any time.

SIGNS OF A PROBLEM You can tell if you have a medical problem by some of the effects you may observe in your body during or after oral steroid use. - Decrease in appetite - Nausea and the urge to vomit - Feeling hot, hot flashes - Excessive itching of the skin - Yellow eyes and skin (caused by bilirubin) - Very dark urine (this also occurs after 1-2 weeks of oral use, still pay attention) - Blood in the stools - Sudden weight loss, thinning of hair

If you observe all of these or all but 1-2 of them, it means that your liver is S.O.S. In such a case, I recommend that you get tested. For your reference, here are the names and normal levels of the values that are significant for the test I would also recommend that you take your doctor's advice as a priority. You can get these values by taking a blood test. In more risky cases, a CT scan is required.

Total Bilirubin: 0,3-1,7 MG
Alanine aminotransferase (ALT): 10-40
Aspartate aminotransferase (AST): 10-40
Alkaline phosphatase (ALP): 34-125
Gamma-glutamyl-transpeptidase (GGT): 7-32
As I said above, these are normal values. However, even if you have a healthy cycle, your ALT and AST values will be high. These values will be high even with normal supplement (protein powder etc.) use. To further clarify this point, I will also provide the dangerous values
Total bilirubin 20 mg or more
Alanine aminotransferase (ALT): 100-150
Aspartate aminotransferase (AST): 100-150
Alkaline phosphatase (ALP): 200-250
Gamma-glutamyl-transpeptidase (GGT): 100-150

These dangerous values are listed as slightly optimistic figures considering the use of 17-aa steroids. Studies have also demonstrated that the values associated with oral steroid use can be above the dangerous values I listed. In such a case, it is imperative that you stop using protein powders etc. and seek medical advice.

The ways to protect your liver in a cycle are actually quite simple. Don't worry, you will not have such problems with the cycles on this forum. However, the popularity of oral steroids and the questions related to the successive use of 3-4 different oral steroids alone led me to write such an informative post. You can use Anapolon, Danabol, Winstrol, but if you are not familiar with the subject, ask us about the dosage and usage process, as well as the snacks you can take for prevention. It is also crucial to remember that your liver can be fatigued even without steroids, and unconscious chemical use can trigger a condition that would not normally be triggered. Best Regards,

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