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We take one or more cycle therapies throughout the year, and we take these chemicals into our bodies for the sake of sportive success and goals, but I understand that many people want to run before they can crawl. I don't think it is right to search for information such as "how many mg of testosteronesterone should I take, how many mg of deca should I take?" without having knowledge of what steroids are, what their working principles are, and how their chemical definition is explained. In the following post, I have introduced steroids in a "scientific" way within the limits of my knowledge and explained it in a basic framework. I especially hope that new friends who hear "you know steroids, take it and watch what happens" in gyms and want to come here and take the cycle therapies will read this.

When I think of chemistry, I always think of carbon too. Carbon is found everywhere in the universe. Naturally, we will also find it in steroids. Carbon, denoted by "C" in the periodic table, together with oxygen, is derived from testosteronesterone to form lipid compounds with four carbon rings. That's what we call the "steroid" we're so eager to use. There are many types of steroids. Corticosteroids (used as a " substitution" in diseases related to the pituitary gland. They are further subdivided into glucocorticoids and mineralocorticoids), and anabolic steroids, which we are mainly concerned with.

Although we categorize steroids into "anabolic steroids" and "androgenic steroids" in our form, every steroid has anabolic and androgenic properties. They can be "more anabolic" and "more androgenic" based on their chemical structure. When we search for cycle options for ourselves, we always think of steroids like deca, trenbolone, boldenone, but it is actually testosteronesterone that makes them all exist. Anabolizers are chemicalized based on the testosteronesterone skeleton. Therefore, the androgenic effects must not be underestimated. Based on the properties I have just described, steroids can have effects such as aromatization, progesterone, and estorodial and can cause "side effects." We use Arimidex, Nolvadex, Cabaser, and other drugs to relieve such side effects.

So, how exactly does the steroid you take into your body function? Steroids stimulate cells. They achieve this by increasing protein biosynthesis (the synthesis of large molecules by combining small molecules through enzymes, which occurs within the living organism), but they also promote water retention in the cells, which leads to cell growth. This is the main reason why anabolizers have a very direct effect on factors such as endurance, strength, speed, and other aspects of an athlete's performance. The athlete should decide on the drugs in his/her cycle by analyzing which steroids are affected by these factors and to what extent, based on his/her personal goal. For instance, an athlete on a diet aims to maintain his/her mass by minimizing protein loss, so he/she would prefer a steroid that works on this principle in his cycle.

Every individual has receptors in their body that determine their sexual orientation and can sometimes influence their behavior and, even indirectly, their character. These are androgen and estrogen receptors. The mechanism necessary for the functioning of steroids that I mentioned in the previous paragraph is in those receptors. Testosterone, which is essential for our cycles, attaches to our receptor with the DHT structure (largely formed by the conversion of testosteronesterone in the surrounding tissues via the enzyme 5- Alpha reductase). If you are an amateur athlete and you follow your own path with basic cycles, there are already two receptors that are of particular interest to you. Androgen receptor and estrogen receptor. All the steroids we take such as Anapolon, Trenbolone, Winstrol, Boldenone etc. attach to the receptors and thus get their own working principle. We may consider that the drugs we need to take in the in-cycle protection program are also related to which receptor the steroids we will use will attach to.

Now that we are almost through with the theoretical part, let's examine the logic of how you should create your cycles based on "steroids".

Let's start with DECA. It is a drug with very high anabolic effect. Not to mention the pressure on the testicles. There are athletes in my circle who have low LH-FSH ratios after the Deca cycle. It's quite natural, deca lowers these hormone ratios. It resets testosterone generation. Regarding these effects, I recommend that it should not be used for a very long time. Post-cycle therapy (PCT) and mid-cycle therapy (MCT) must be mandatory. That is because the side effects due to estrogen are serious. It also leads to an increase in prolactin. Pregnyle may be necessary at the end of the cycle. It must never, ever be used without testosterone.

TRENBOLONE, one of the steroids with the highest anabolic and androgenic effects we see. It attaches to the androgen receptor with 3-4 times greater density than testosterone. Therefore, do not include other strong drugs (such as Deca) in a cycle with Trenbolone, because trenbolone will intensively use the receptors and your other anabolizers may not work efficiently. It also puts pressure on the kidneys and thyroid glands. It has different esters. Cabaser should always be kept on hand as the gynecomastia it can produce is made up of a strong prolactin secretion.

The first thing to say about BOLDENONE is that it is not human medicine. It's not what's called a "human grade" drug. It is widely used in veterinary medicine, often used in the breeding of fattened animals. It has a low aromatization rate, generally preferred by those who want clean bulk. Although it is not used directly in the definition because it stimulates appetite, it can cause good vascularization. It is preferable in terms of price/performance, especially since the price of Primo has recently skyrocketed.

MASTERON, a steroid directly related to DHT. So to speak, it does not interfere with bureaucracy, whatever problem it has with DHT, it takes care of itself the moment it is taken into the body :) Although it is very useful in the lean muscle process and is seen as a cutting drug, it may cause some difficulties for the athlete during the diet period. Since it brings glycogen stores to the point of being completely depleted, the athlete should pay attention to carbo intake during the period of Masteron use and not go for dramatic drops.

PRIMOBOLAN is a "clean" drug that may be preferred by athletes who will be taking the cycle for the first time. The reason I use this phrase is that it is almost never aromatized. It attaches to receptors on the principle of DHT. It does not retain water, and provides a clean gain. It is recommended for prolonged use, since the drug is characterized by the property of being a "depot".

WINSTROL, a water-based steroid. It is used both orally and as a water-based injection. It is a diuretic. It excretes water, gives hardness to the muscle, and makes the lines look hard. The joint pain it causes is related to this aspect. It is said to have DHT-related side effects, but it is also claimed to work without binding to any receptor. As I mentioned at the beginning, it is available in two forms, the oral form can be very toxic (even more toxic to the liver than anapolon), while the injectable form is painful because it is water-based. It should be injected in a single syringe without mixing with other steroids.

DANABOL, a famous kick-start drug. We can say that it gets all its power from estrogen, which is why it is highly aromatized. It causes estrogen-related side effects, but neither gynecomastia nor water retention is to be worried about. Since it is an oral steroid, it makes no sense to use it for a long time, because the liver does not synthesize it after a while. It suppresses testosterone and is available for first-cycle use in abroad only as danabol, although its use alone is highly recommended. It is one of the best examples of the cell and water retention I mentioned above.

ANAPOLONE, works like almost no other steroid. Its use in the treatment of anemia and in difficult diseases such as cancer to give strength to the patient is proof of how serious its effect is. Since it belongs to the 17-a group, it has a highly toxic effect. The gynecomastia it can cause is quite peculiar. Although it causes excessive water retention in the body, its gyno is risky because it aromatizes in a different way. Although it works by attaching to the estrogen receptor, its androgenic potency is also quite high. It is not recommended for first cycles

TURANABOL, an oral steroid that is suitable for first-timers and can be considered "clean". The androgenic effect is so small that there are no side effects, it gives hardness to the muscles. İlk kürlerde ve devam kürlerinde her zaman tercih edilebilir.

Well, I tried to explain steroids with their basic principles and the types you can use in your cycles.

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